3 Best Statrups for the next year

Intersoft Eurasia is a company based in Russian Federation known for its project DO-RA. This iPhone and iPad extension is an environmental sensor that acts like a personal dosimeter-radiometer for measuring background radiation. People who work in nuclear industry or those living in the regions suffered from nuclear incidents can continuously monitor the background radiation […]

It’s not just about the application. It’s about our client’s success.

At 1st USA development company, we take the best approach to iOS and Android mobile app development. We are not simply developers. Our team offers end-to-end mobile development solutions, starting with strategy and continuing with post-launch support and upgrades. Our main goal isn’t just to make an awesome app, but to become a true strategic […]

The road map to designing a good API

Even though a lot of developers and coders do not see themselves as creators of APIs (application programming interfaces), in actual practice most of them do deal with this issue in their web design work. Internet applications are increasingly modular in their structure, which means that you typically do not start developing new solutions from […]

Opening up Web Applications Thanks to Scalability

As the Internet is becoming a destination of choice for more and more individuals and businesses, and is accessed increasingly frequently from a wide range of devices, not only desktops and laptops, software developers who create web applications for websites run into the problem of rising workloads. Programs designed with a million users a week in mind […]