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Sometimes we need to save money. And a few times in life we need to save a lot of money. Boostup is a social saving platform that helps you raise money for a nice wedding, long awaited vacation, a house you will need sooner or later and a car. It works like a bank + crowdfunding enabling users to ask their friends and family for a contribution to their savings to reach the goal. BoostUp works with brands who provide savings boosts and offer an incentive for users to buy their products. For example, Hyundai adds up to $500 to users’ savings if they decided to purchase their car. It has so far sold 3,000 cars through the site. With partnerships in 31 states, BoostUp plans to earn money from companies’ subscription fees and make deals with more industries specializing in wedding, home and vacation.

Most active and influential in the world of social media college students finally have the reward for their time spent sitting in social networks. Sumpto is an interesting startup that measures social influence of students by analyzing the metrics you would expect, like the number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and some other signals, like hobbies, offline activities included into the survey, etc. So what’s the point? The point is free stuff for college folks! Sumpto partners with brands who offer free promotional samples to the students. By making college bullhorns happy, brands reach out to potential customers through social media. The brands need to pay to connect with the influencers, who are assigned the score from 1 to 100 each. It is not obligatory though for a college kid to tweet the gift he has just received but there is a great chance for brands to see their products endorsed over social-media channels and generate referral – the most credible word-of-mouth metric.

Happy emotions contribute to more fulfilled meaningful lives and good health. Positive psychology and neuroscience have long figured that out and their latest scientific advancements are brought out to public wrapped in Happify. The target audience of this startup are stressed out people, lacking positive emotions and optimism in this complicated and sometimes cruel world. Happify works as a happy spot or a therapist office filled with fun science-based activities and games specially designed to optimize your well-being. Before signing up, you will need to pass through a survey on Happify’s web page, after which you will get an individually formed track they recommend for every user. Doing all the activities included into the program will help you build your happiness skills and eventually become a happy person excited about your life.

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