How to uninstall Avast Antivirus using Avast Uninstall Utility 2018

Avast is online security software that offers trial as well as the paid version to its users. Avast for
Business Edition is getting praise for its best endpoint protection available in the market. As the
software is cloud-based so you don’t need to purchase and set up the additional hardware. It is
fast but doesn’t compromise with the network and device security.

Some of the features of it are intelligent antivirus, passwords, sandbox, smart scan, browser
cleanup, cyberculture, and lot many. You can always call Avast Customer Service if you have
any queries on Avast products.

avast uninstall utility
Whether it is Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security is getting
recognized as the best antivirus around the globe. But, it is always recommended to update them
or any antivirus to check on the new virus.

When you don’t update the antivirus software so often and in the absence of the antivirus
signature if any new virus enters your system, you will fail to detect them. A single mistake can
make your file (s) and system to get infected. There are a lot more viruses which can damage
your Avast Antivirus at any time or the antivirus stops functioning.

If you wanted to remove the antivirus so that it doesn’t uninstall and give away the error then at
that time you need Avast Uninstall Utility to uninstall the Avast Antivirus 2018 (manually).
Check out the steps as listed below, to uninstall Avast Antivirus 2018 using Avast Uninstall
Utility –

1. You need to visit the Avast official website.
2. Download the ‘Avast Uninstall tool’.
3. Click on the ‘avastclear.exe’ link.
4. Select the ‘Run as administrator’ option from the menu.
5. Avast Clear Utility may ask you to put your system in ‘Safe mode’ to uninstall Avast
6. Click on the ‘Ok’ option.
7. Avast Clear may again ask you to restart your system in ‘Safe Mode’.
8. Click on the ‘Ok’ option.
9. Windows will be restart in ‘Safe mode’.
10. Avast Uninstall Utility will automatically start and will select the correct Avast Antivirus
2018 version.
11. Select the ‘Continue’ option.
12. Wait patiently, Avast Uninstall will be done.

13. Click on the ‘restart’ button.


Note– If you face any issues while going through this above steps then contact Avast Customer Service Number to get help from the technicians.

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